This is a short introduction to each main ministry at NTCG Dayspring



At NTCG Dayspring, all members are seen as witnesses who are to evangelise (Matthew 28 v 19-20) and we purpose to spread the gospel (good news) of the Lord Jesus with his love and power in our locality and far and wide.


The way that we spread the gospel at NTCG Dayspring is not just verbally using the Bible - the Word of God, but also in deed by giving food or clothes to the needy or homeless locally or further afield.

Men's Ministry

We are committed to holistically building up men from young to elderly that they take their rightful place in society and are able to put their hands to serving the Lord.

Women's Ministry

We are committed to holistically supporting women from young to elderly that they are safely able to devote themselves to serving the Lord.

Youth Ministry

At NTCG Dayspring, youth are a priority as those upon whom the future of the church depends upon. We are committed to facilitating the growth of youth and incorporate positive, engaging activities so that they develop as positive influencers from whom future good leaders emerge.

Children's Ministry

At NTCG Dayspring, children are also a priority and are  typically exposed to vibrant activities, being those who can be nurtured, protected and developed early with an unparalleled opportunity to live most of their lives for Jesus.